WXBrief Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

FlyBy Nav iPhone App Review

This app was designed for the iPhone and while it works on your iPad it's not optimized for the full HD screen resolution of the iPad. This application is a quick ...

WX Brief for iPhone & iPod touch

FlightKit aviation app for iPad

VFR charts, weather, route planning, A/FD, plates, GPS tracking, and airspace all in one app. Available on the App Store.

FlightInfo - iPhone/iPad app

Pre-Flight: Flight planning App for the iPhone and iPod Touch

This video demonstrates the use of Pre-Flight. This iPhone application makes lazy pilots. Just add waypoints to your route, select a plane and ... presto!

EZ WX For IPad

This is the best way for pilots to get a full weather overview in less than 30 seconds. (Not a Weather Brief) See more at http://www.safepic.com .

IFR Clearance Picked Up Enroute

Departed KDLS VFR and picked up my IFR clearance enroute. This is my first IFR flight as PIC without an instructor or other IFR pilot is sometime. It is a perfect ...

2012 Spring Weather Hazards - Flight Planning Scenario

A flight planning scenario emphasizing evaluation of weather along a route that may provide hazards commonly seen in the Spring. The second of three parts of ...