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Утилиты Справочники
Разработчик PunkStar Studios
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WXBrief is made especially for the pilot.
During flight planning, in flight, or brushing up on your aviation weather knowledge, this app will come in handy.

The main menu functions :
- WXCode (see the HUGE list of codes for TAF/Metars)
-Beuford Wind Scales
- Significant Weather Codes
- Cloud Codes
- Chart Symbols
- Adiabatic Process (see how temps change after air travels over a mountain)
- Air stability chart will let you visually see the condensation line and judge how stable the air is.
- Wind correction. The wind correction computer that every pilot needs.
- IFR Cold Weather Correction. IFR approaches in cold weather MUST had their heights corrected.
- Stable v. Unstable air weather attributes.
- Front Passage... data on how the weather changes with the passage of cold/warm/occluded fronts.

"I personally use several of the PunkStar Studio iPhone/iPod applications. Some, like the Cold Air Calculator, are incredibly useful for even the most advanced pilot, while others, like the Hold Pattern Calculator, are perfect for demonstrations with my students (who are thrilled when they see it for the first time). Im a loyal customer/user of several of the PunkStar Studio apps (even non-aviation related) and look forward to their future releases. I highly recommend their products to all aviators, from the professional airline pilot and flight instructor to the casual pilot."
- Ed Pasquale ATPL
Transport Canada Pilot Examiner and Seneca College Flight Instructor

And now for the legal stuff:
As always... you should always refer to the approved/official documention for all elements of flight planning. This program is to be used to reference only.